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Fast…and then slow….Fast….and then slow….

I know this is becoming a recurring theme. 

Its the second week in april and we’re on the cusp of a lot more things happening - and in the interim - once again - is peace and quiet.  You would think we would have wrapped our heads around trying to enjoy this. 


Megan and I spent the morning stressed out about what we could possibly be doing that we aren’t.  So we did busy work on a bunch of things that granted - need to be done - but aren’t all that important.  Still, glad we (she - lol) got most of them out of the way.  Because over the next week and a half we should see: 

The launch of our iPad app - which seriously - looks beautiful.  Hudson Horizons guys just blog me away every time they do something.  

The launch of our app on the Snapp Cloud Marketplace on Toshiba tablets.  Hopefully another great user base for us to gain. 

The start of our daily email updates to our users.  Daily email updates?  Ugh you say?  lol.  I’m with you.  I automatically delete most of the daily emails I get.  This is not us bugging our users though.  I promise.  This is us sending out calendar snapshots of their day and their dashboard.  Just a nice, email way to reference what is going on in their day - and who has interacted with them on the site.  I think its going to be fun and great.  And Don - who designed them is fantastic.  Want to see a sneak peek?  (ok.  You twisted my arm). 


We also have really pretty invitations that will go out to people via email when you add them to an event (HatchedIt members AND non-members). 

So - we’re really waiting to see how users engage with the emails and the additional apps that will be available. 

Of course tonight I’ll be working on a Forbes post and trying to envision us snagging a nomination for a Webby tomorrow.  I’m thinking maybe it will be like The Secret. If I picture it - it will happen. 

Good karma and fingers crossed would be greatly appreciated.  :) 

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