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StumbleUpon vs. Facebook vs. Google Ads

We were so blown away by the results that we got advertising on StumbleUpon - that we couldn’t keep it to ourselves.  We wrote about them in Forbes (HERE) and then were thrilled to contribute data so the company itself could do a case study. 

CASE STUDY: Hatchedit Books New Users With StumbleUpon

StumbleUpon, Google and Facebook composed the marketing budget for the HatchedIt team. During the window from March 8-25, they allocated equally between StumbleUpon and Google, and half of the budget of each to Facebook. With each service, the team looked to target women who were 30+, seeking to hit the sweet spot with moms.

“As both an advertiser and a user of StumbleUpon, I believe that the mindset is what makes the difference in leveraging the StumbleUpon advertising platform,” says HatchedIt founding partner Kirsten Bischoff….Read Full Post HERE

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