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A Really Good Day


So every day there is a good dose of doubt in the mind of any entrepreneur.  But then every now and then - if you are lucky - you get a day like we had today.  

A few months ago Pregnancy & Newborn Magazine contacted us and asked for some artwork.  It was a lot to hope for - and we held our breaths for a while - but then today I ran out to Barnes and Noble and there we are!  Page 22.  Listed under “May Cravings” section - for SURF IT!  They listed us as a great site!

This is so amazing because we were starting to feel like the only way to get any press was to pay for it.  And we haven’t really been out there pitching the site either - frankly we’ve just been too busy trying to cover all of the other bases (customer service, conferences, marketing, meetings, site changes, etc).  

So when this happened - it was sort of overwhelming because we didn’t pitch them, we didn’t pay for the coverage - it was just that someone liked us and decided to recommend us - and that is the exact kind of vote of confidence that can bolster us through the next month of daily self-doubting.  lol.  

But really.  It’s amazing.  I’m on an adrenaline high.  WOOT!  WOOT!

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