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The Long Day of a Mom Entrepreneur


Its been a long day. 

Its been a lot of long days. 

Entreprenuriship is definitely glamorous. 

It was a typical day. 

Wake up - shower, dress, get kid to school

Remember to give her lots of cash.  For lunch money.  For afterschool snack.  For taxi service to tennis lesson.  For dinner at tennis club.  

Make taxi reservation.

Drop her tennis stuff off at my sister’s house so she has it afterschool. 

Go to starbucks.  Order Venti Mocha.  

Kill 30 minutes reviewing emails and site stats. 

Try to order breakfast sandwich - learn deli is not serving breakfast. 

Go to work (and by work I mean the temp job I do 40 hours a week to keep food on the table!)


Eat sleeve of ritz crackers for lunch. 

More work.

Leave work. 

Drive through bumper to bumper traffic to Hoboken. 

Attend NJ Tech Meetup group. 

Smile and chat with people during networking session. 

Tweet brilliant angel investor’s talk. 

Hoof it back to car and drive 30 minutes home. 

Spend 5 minutes of quality time with kid.  

Eat leftover quesadilla that kid didn’t finish for dinner. (silently berate myself for not yet going to supermarket to replenish food lost to Hurricane Sandy 12 day power outage).

Work on site stuff. 

Put together info for pitch to brands.

Procrastinate working on white paper. 

Decide to write Tumblr post.  

Take picture for post.  Spend 5 minutes lamenting how my fat knees look. (How does one get fat knees when all one has eaten all day is a coffee, a sleeve of ritz, and two pieces of leftover chicken quesadilla????)

Procrastinate on going to bed because I’m just going to lay there thinking of the million and one things I should be working on. 

Hope to get 6 hours of sleep before I do it again. 

You know why I will do it again?  Because I love it. 

You know how I can do it again?  Because I helped build www.hatchedit.com the very site that as a mom - lets me stay organized and coordinated with my support network. 


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How to Work On Your Business When You Are A Hurricane Refugee

I consider myself very lucky. I was able to flee to my parents house last Wednesday after the Hurricane hit and have been warm and comfortable in their house waiting for electricity and heat to be restored to my apartment in Springfield.  

However, having 5 days with nothing to do and not much planned is not ideal when you are an entrepreneur and are chomping at the bit to get USERS USERS USERS!!!

So - I sat here, made a list and tackled everything I could in the downtime - rather than be tempted by all of the soap operas my mom has had running on the television.  Hopefully this may give someone else some ideas of things that can be done in downtime. 

1.  Create a new video.  

I used Powerpoint and Camtasia to create the below video which we will swap out with our old one and use on our landing page.  I think it looks pretty sleek!  I bought the music online pretty cheap, and bought all of the images on iPhoto (I’m paranoid about copyright infringements - and I’m also an artist that likes to play by the book when it comes to other artists’ work).  The music site I found was pretty damned cool - melodyloops.  

Pretty cool right?

I’m also working on some step-by-step videos for some areas on the site that need better “how to” prompting.  Videos are hard because they really require a person to sit down and think it out and create and edit at a few hours a clip.  You can’t really just do it for a few minutes at a time - so this hurricane refugee thing really worked well on forcing me to sit still and get this all worked out.  

Also - FYI - it took quite a few tries to get “right”.  At first I had a lot of wordy voiceover talking.  But then - I thought about my filmmaking roots (NYU TISCH Grad here!) and everyone knows you only use voiceover when your story or imagery is weak.  So I rethought all of the imagery and found we didnt’ really need the voiceover at all for this video.  (Although I will do voiceovers for the briefer “How To” videos) And isn’t that music great?

2.  SEO your YouTube Account - I went back in to our videos on our YouTube channel and tried to really make them more search engine friendly.  Re-tagged them and put in our new lingo. 

3.  Brush up on your social media skills.  This weekend I learned all about buying youtube views as well.  We’re experimenting with that - we’ll see what happens.  I find all of this very interesting.  And heck - its cheap - so we’ll see.  I will take it with a grain of salt now if anyone ever tells me a video of theirs has gotten 100k views.  Because you can get that for about $100!!

I am also taking the time to try and be more vigilant about interacting with our Facebook followers - and using Embedle.com to upload interesting stories to my Twitter feed.  

4.  Check your Brand.  How are your branding efforts doing?  Thinking about tweaking some things?  Take some time to sit down and really think about what should define you to your users.  Then go back and see if your wording on the site and in social media - matches what you want your brand perception to be. 

5.  Press - go through and organize press contacts and your press outreach plan.  I’m also working on the release of a big white paper later this week (although I’m procrastinating like a mofo on actually writing the damned thing!).  But I can procrastinate through organizing the press outreach and then its not so bad.  :)

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Reasons to Sponsor a Small to Mid-sized Conference


We just returned from Bloggy Conference (#bloggycon), which was held at the Hyatt in Downtown Cincinnati from Thursday September 27-Saturday September 29th.  After doing a number of conferences this year, we have become used to large crowds, loud noises, and generally needing nothing shy of a full fireworks display to grab the attention of attendees.  So, this conference was quite a welcome change up for Megan and I – as we shared the sponsorship space with only a handful of other great brands, and had time to speak with almost every attendee one on one.  Wow.  That’s a pretty amazing experience. 

Don’t get me wrong – large conferences are great, and a lot of fun.  But for a sponsor introducing a new company – or even a new product/brand – it is very important to make some sort of actual contact with people in order to tell them about what it is you are selling (or in our case giving away for FREE!).  And even if there are a few thousand attendees at an event – you still can physically only talk to a certain amount.  So at some point it does become more about the quality of the conversations than about the quantity of conversations – especially if that is what is important to you. 

Our initial thoughts after leaving Cincinnati and BloggyCon?  We felt that the interactions we had with attendees were possibly more valuable than other conferences we attended.  This was because we had the chance to meet with tech savvy women (who also tend to be the mom-influencers within their social circles), and to walk them through how Hatchedit.com works.  Additionally, we had time to ask each person about their blog, their life, their home situation so that we could show them different ways that Hatchedit.com might help make their life easier.

HomeschoolingHatchedit.com is a great way to organize lesson plans and keep track of assignments and projects.

Special Needs Child?  Coordinating doctors’ appointments is an enormous part of juggling those extra responsibilities.  And for some of these moms – who are also businesswomen, they really need a tool that lets them manage their family schedules (including making changes) from the road.  Once you show a mom how she can input information on her calendar or on a to do list of medicine dosages and know that grandma, or dad or the sitter who is at home will also see them – the smile on her face will light up your entire day. 

Married? No Kids?  Sometimes I feel bad about the fact that we target moms because it’s the user group that makes the most sense to reach first in getting our product out and into the public eye.  We conceived of Hatchedit.com before Megan actually gave birth to her little Miss M – and she saw how it would fulfill a need in her life trying to coordinate her schedule with her husband’s.  Instead of sending each other invitations to individual events (like the invitation to the Saturday golf she actually wasn’t really ever being invited to!) through Outlook (where you still can’t see your spouses calendar) they could have both populated the Hatchedit.com calendar and seen what the other had planned – and probably avoided a lot of arguments.


Not Married?  No Kids? – We were able to speak with more than one person who wasn’t married – but as I like to point out – everyone has family somewhere.  Realizing that a heavy travel schedule for work, might be something your mom may want to track even if she lives far away…or being able to see what siblings or nieces and nephews are up to can make people feel more connected to their families especially as we all feel like we are getting busier every day.  Sending invitations and coordinating workouts or girls’ night out with friends is even easier if you are all sharing calendars! 

Single Parent?  Divorced?  Chances are you are coordinating a custody schedule somewhere – and chances are even higher that custody schedule is causing a lot of unnecessary arguments.  Being able to give another parent the ability to see what is going on in kids’ lives means there is no more “well your mother/father didn’t tell me about that” argument to be made.  If your kids are older, and they have a Hatchedit.com account it also gives them the chance to be more proactive in managing a schedule between two households too.

At Bloggy Conference, with plenty of time to really delve into people’s lives I had conversations around each and every one of these situations.  Those conversations also gave us some great ideas for other groups that might find a real niche use for Hatchedit.com

We really had a great time, and found enormous value in a user base that was so willing to listen to us, connect with us, and give us great feedback on what they need in their lives. 

Thanks ladies of Bloggy Con!



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StumbleUpon vs. Facebook vs. Google Ads

We were so blown away by the results that we got advertising on StumbleUpon - that we couldn’t keep it to ourselves.  We wrote about them in Forbes (HERE) and then were thrilled to contribute data so the company itself could do a case study. 

CASE STUDY: Hatchedit Books New Users With StumbleUpon

StumbleUpon, Google and Facebook composed the marketing budget for the HatchedIt team. During the window from March 8-25, they allocated equally between StumbleUpon and Google, and half of the budget of each to Facebook. With each service, the team looked to target women who were 30+, seeking to hit the sweet spot with moms.

“As both an advertiser and a user of StumbleUpon, I believe that the mindset is what makes the difference in leveraging the StumbleUpon advertising platform,” says HatchedIt founding partner Kirsten Bischoff….Read Full Post HERE

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