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It gets bad….then it gets really bad….then all hell breaks loose


Well - its a damned good thing I stopped to smell the roses over the weekend at BlogHer - because this week the shit hit the fan in the personal aspects of my business life, and it feels like the whole world is collapsing around me. 

Thankfully - that is not true.  

Thankfully - our immediate reaction is never to give up - but to figure out how to best survive. 

Thankfully - my family kicks ass. 

But the reality is - my personal $$ flow is out.  Nada. Nilch.  Zippo.  Zilch. 

That’s a tough nut to face.  I mean - if I were a twentysomething - I’d shrug it off, buy some Ramen and couch surf.  

But I’m not 20.  I’m 41.  And my kid hates to couch surf even though - that looks to be exactly what we will do. 

Wonder why there aren’t more women entrepreneurs out there?

Its simple.  

Entrepreneurship has better results when you have experience. 

When you have experience - you are older. 

When you are older - you tend to have more responsibilities. 

When you have responsibilities it is harder to look them in the eye and say - “no”. 

So the shit has hit the fan. 

But we will get through it.  Things are really just starting to gel - so while I am crumbling a bit on the inside - it is not a full on meltdown - because as bad as it is - I feel crazy optimistic at what the future holds. 

My kid on the other hand - who faces the prospect of switching schools 3 weeks before the fall semester may not be quite as optimistic as me. 

But when I stated the obvious - “We are all healthy.  We have each other.  That is all we need to get by in this world”  we both started to feel better. 

Nobody said it was going to be easy.  I never imagined it would get so hard.  

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