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Awesome Day for a Frustrated Artist! :)


Yesterday Megan and I headed back into the big NYC and down to Soho (which seems to be our only destination these days) to meet with the guys at Crux Design NY and had the nicest time chatting with them about the video we want to produce for the main landing page of our site. 

These guys are amazing animators, and have been tasked with coming up with a way to illustrate what it is we offer through www.HATCHEDit.com.  We have found that a lot of people are not really keen on having to sign up for a site without knowing inside and out what that site is offering to do for you - even if it is free.  

One site that has an animated “commercial” on its landing page - which we think was done brilliantly - is www.Spotify.com they give you just enough info to know what it is the site does.  So that’s what we are striving for. 

Right now, Megan and I have been tasked with coming up with a script of sorts for the idea behind the video.  We also have to find music that we like so that we can tell our composer what sort of sound we are looking for and the guys at Crux know what sort of tone to produce to.  I graduated from NYU Tisch (Dramatic Writing Program) so this is really a big thrill for me.  I just loved meeting with them yesterday and discussing the concept and learning more about how they work.  Plus they are totally awesome guys. 

Our first big local event is at the end of October, so we are hoping to have at least a working version (probably minus sound) for that event - and we can then run it on a small flat screen tv on a continuous loop.  Everybody loves a little eye candy. 

We’re also ordering totally adorable t-shirts and will use those at that event too.  Hopefully our marketing machine is coming together.  We have a big moms launch party to attend this friday (congrats NJ Moms Guide!) and so we’re finally starting to get out there and talk about our site.  :)

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